Beautiful Book Covers – Book Bonanza

Dear Readers,

Today I thought I would discuss book covers. Although people say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, to be honest…I do! Also I feel I post reviews of books, most times not mentioning the book cover, so why not appreciate them? This is probably going to be a short post because I wan’t everyone to appreciate the covers by themselves. So, lets get started….


Whenever I speak about this book, I always comment on the cover as well. Although it is really simple, it is very effect.


WOW…just WOW!!! The contrast between the night and day and the detail is incredible! I think anyone who would see this on the shelf, would be drawn to it straight away.

A flower fairy valentines day

Can I include childrens books? Well I think you will let me with this one! The illustrations inside are so beautiful, and was one of my childhood favourites :). Also it is coming closer to Valentines day, so it is kind of fitting!

The shock of the Fall

The tree in this cover I feel is very symbolic of the book and is so beautiful!


I actually really disliked this book, but I love the book cover. It dosen’t really do the colour justice in this picture, but in real life, it is stunning.

So thats it, there were some of my favourite book covers! I hope you enjoyed this bit different post today, and have a great week. Also I have made a new Positive Page, which I will be adding a new positive quote each week to, so if you wanted to check it out, click here.




4 thoughts on “Beautiful Book Covers – Book Bonanza

  1. Stargirl was what happened to my reading when I let a 6 year old girl choose my book… so the cover has broad appeal!!!! hehe. I have just bought “Even in Paradise” and the cover is nice but it’s hardback and when you take the cover off it is divine! I am such a sucker for a good cover 🙂

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