Four by Veronica Roth-Review

Howdy (New introduction?!),

So once I had heard about another Divergent book being release I had to take a little sit down! I was excited, shocked, apprehensive and a little bit starstruck! Not only was one of my favorite authors Queen Roth bringing out another book, it was in my favorite series EVER and from the point of view of my favorite character…


Being the Fangirl I am, I was the one who was waiting for my local bookshop to open so I could grab Four asap! I kind of now feel a bit sorry for my Mum who I dragged out of bed so she could come with me! Sorry Mum!! Anyway enough waffling for one day…lets get on with the review!

Four is four (see what she did their!) short stories obviously written in four’s perspective. The four short stories are:

I really enjoyed this book (of course I did, it’s related to Divergent) and I thought the concept of it was brilliant. The first story (The Transfer) described Tobias at his choosing ceremony. At the time he is only sixteen and has to choose his faction, which he will keep for life. He is still living with his father at the time, Marcus Eaton, he beats and whips him!  Tobias (I prefer calling him that) wants to try and escape from his horrid father and the only way he can do that is to change faction. So of course, the most exciting faction to be in is Dauntless :). He cuts his hand and places his blood onto the coals, and is free. I won’t spoil it for you, but it is great! The next story is the Initiate and this is where most of the initiation starts. He is in competition with Eric who came from Erudite (the intelligent)! The next short story is The Son and this is when Tobias has survived through initiation. Although a tough journey, he finally is Dauntless (woop woop. If I were Dauntless I would be doing a few fist pumps, haha!). Finally the last short story is the Traitor. This describes how Tobias gets 0n his new job! He is a leader and trains the new initiate. This is where Tris comes in! She is the main character in Divergent, Insurgent (and most of Allegiant). There are also three bonus scenes called:

“First Jumper-Tris!”

“Careful, Tris.”

“You look good, Tris.”

These are only a few pages long, but I thought this was a nice touch to the book. I must say I have not gone into great detail of the four short stories but I don’t want to give much of the story away, so if you have not read it, please do!! 🙂


Of course my favorite character is Four/Tobias Eaton. He is so beautiful (especially Theo James!!!). Honestly though, the way that Roth portrays him makes him sound caring and kind and I just love that about him. I did think though, if this makes sense, that he didn’t seem as interested in Tris than she was in him. I am probably wrong, but I just felt he was portrayed like this! I wanted to give a mention about Zeke because he just sounds a great friend!! He sounds hilarious to be around and I really like him in Four!

Overall I really enjoyed this book! It was something quite different to read for me due to it’s short stories and from a book that I had previously read but from another characters point of view. I thought it was written very well and of course I was gripped! therefore I am going to give it (drum roll please!) … 4 stars! I thought that the book could have maybe been a little longer, and yes I know that they were short stories, but I wanted to read more about Four!! Also it is quite fitting having four stars haha!

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully you enjoyed this post! If you did then please like, follow and comment because I am really enjoying this whole blog thing! Also next week there won’t be a post as I am on holiday so sorry about that but hopefully I will post twice in the following week!





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