Ingo by Helen Dunmore-Review

I have found myself in this situation many times but I am really sorry for not updating many blog posts lately. i am still really excited about the future for this blog, but school, even after exams, is being really demanding for homework and I have had hardly anytime to read, let alone blogging :(. Of course I want to but just erghh…stupid school! Anyway I have only two more weeks before the Summer holidays when I can read and blog as much as possible! Today I am going to reviewing Ingo by Helen Dunmore.

Title: Ingo

Author: Helen Dunmore

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 319


Ingo is an underwater world which is discovered by brother and sister Sapphire and Connor. When Sapphire sees Connor talking to a mermaid on the rocks at her local beach, she knows something suspicious is going on. When their father suddenly goes missing, Sapphire and Connor have to find away to find him. Through their special magical world will the be able to bring their father back. Many secrets lie ahead, unraveling one by one.


When my friend first recommended this book to me, I thought that it looked a bit childish and not my cup of tea. I soon discovered after I actually gave it a go that I surprised myself and really enjoyed it! It was a fantasy book with the exciting mermaids which were my favorite part.


The plot for I thought was really well written! I hadn’t heard of Helen Dunmore before but really enjoyed her writing. It was quite an easy read book so I would recommend it  for everyone!


My favorite character in this book was actually the main part, Sapphire. Usually I don’t like the main character that much but Sapphire really spoke out to me! Her and her brother were actually really close when their dad was still their with her, but their relationship got further and further apart. They were both portrayed really well by Helen.


Overall I thought that this book was really well done! My star rating is going to be 3 for this particular novel as there was plenty of action but the book seemed to be more of a child’s book! On the other hand, I would recommend to everyone though because it was a very good, relaxing read. I am also very excited to read the next three books in the series! 


Thank you so much for reading. Look forward to more regular posts on this blog so don’t forget to follow, like and comment what you would like to see soon!

Love Amelia xx



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