Insurgent by Veronica Roth-Review

Yesterday I reviewed Divergent which is the first book in this trilogy. Today as on my blog this week the theme is ‘Divergent’ I am reviewing the second book in the series Insurgent…


Tris has struggled through initiation but now when her world is falling apart around her she must find a way to save the people she loves. Secrets, lies and discoveries lie ahead…Trying to forget what has happened in the past is hard and she must fight for her place in this world.

In Insurgent you discover many secrets and problems in Chicago and when I finished this book all I could think about was ‘What’s outside the fence?!’. I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in the series as I definitely felt that most of the characters ‘manned-up’ a bit and realised that life wasn’t just made of rainbows and ponies. 


My favorite character in this book changed from Christina (in the first book, Divergent) to Four/Tobias. In Insurgent Tobias is a great example of someone who ‘mans-up’ because he is daring and cunning. He also shows how much he loves Tris in this book as their love is tested to the limit!


WOW! I don’t want to give too much away but all I can say is I hate Jeanine Matthews! haha


I do think the style of writing does improve in this book but I like the way it is an easy read due to the great length of the book!

Overall WOW what an incredible book. I love this book so much because of the way there is so much going on. Veronica does it again making me stay on the sofa reading this book not letting me go until I finish it! My star rating for it is 4 because although it is an incredible book it isn’t my favorite book (Divergent) but I still loved it.

4 star rating

I am recommending this to everyone!! Again if you haven’t started the series please please please go and read it… won’t regret it, I promise!!!

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p.s This week is Divergent week so look forward to a few more posts ‘Divergent’ related…..

What were your thoughts on the ending (if you have read it)?


2 thoughts on “Insurgent by Veronica Roth-Review

  1. I haven’t read this because a lot of people seem to like it less than the first but it seems like that is not the case for you! That’s good because I really do want to finish the series. Glad to hear that the writing was better for you!

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