The Fault in Our Stars by the amazing John Green-Review

Previously I mentioned that John Green was one of my favorite authors (the other being Veronica Roth!!) so today I thought of posting a review of one of his most well-known and loved book…


Hazel Grace Lancaster was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirteen and because of this she stops going to school as she is too ill. Every week she attends her local Cancer Kid Support Group to meet other young people the same age as her. One week Hazel notices a new teenager at this support group called Augustus Waters. Although Hazel’s life has not been the best due to her cancer so far, Augustus seems to make it a whole lot better. ‘Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten’. John Green

All of my friends were ranting at me to read this book and seeing as the film is coming out soon I finally decided to read this book. From the first page in the book I was gripped and in less than 24 hours I finished this wonderful book. I wouldn’t usually do this with a book but it was one of those ‘don’t put me down’ kind of books! This book touched me a lot and made me think about how lucky I am to breathe without having to worry, or how walking up a flight of stairs is tiring. Of course at the end (NO SPOILERS) I was drowning in a flood of tears with various tissues surrounding me but I really highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!!

My star rating for this is…



This is quite high but my praise is endless for this book!! If you haven’t read this yet go to your local bookshop/library and read it because you won’t regret it….I promise!!

Thank you ever so much for reading and follow, (for many more reviews, recommendations and posts generally about awesome books) comment and like!

Amelia xx

What were your thoughts on TFIOS??





3 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars by the amazing John Green-Review

  1. I usually end up reading books like this when the movie is about to come out too! That’s what happened with Divergent. Anyway, I’m really glad you liked this one! I also gave it a 4.5 and it also got some tears out of me!

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