Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli-Review

I had never heard of Jerry Spinelli before I had read this book but I actually really liked his style of writing. He has written a few other books but is mainly known for Stargirl.


After the summer break, a mysterious girl turns up at Leo’s high school called Stargirl. She strums the ukulele at lunch and sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to people when it’s their special day. People at the school think she is a ‘fake’ and a ‘set up’ but they soon discover she is not. She soon becomes popular and people start loving her for being unique and for being herself, but sometimes when you’re unique and stand out from everybody else you are not always admired…

Stargirl is quite a short book (192 pages) but is an enjoyable and fun read. I wouldn’t say this has any age limit because it is quite an easy read. I also love the bright pink cover of the book with the great Stargirl sign! It stands out on my bookshelf at home and also the one in the bookshop, drawing me towards the book. My star rating for this book is ….


I give it this because it is well written and a good read but is quite short and the chapters are one or two pages long which dosen’t urge me to read on that much. Other than that I really enjoyed reading it!

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Amelia xx

Have you read Stargirl? If so, did you enjoy it?




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