Paper Towns by John Green-Review

Title: Paper Towns

Author: John Green

Genre: Modern Fiction

Number of pages: 305

Publisher: Bloomsbury

After reading the wonderful Fault in Our Stars I went to my local bookshop and picked up the first John Green book I laid eyes on….


Next door to Quentin Jacobson lives Margo Roth Spiegelman. Ever since Margo and Quentin found a man dead in their local park at the age of nine, they have never quite recovered! After Elementary school Margo and Quentin don’t really talk at school, just exchange looks but when Quentin and Margo are soon to graduate at high school Margo climbs into Quentin’s window and they go on a adventure that night never to be forgotten. Although when Q goes to school the next day feeling tired and exhausted Margo is no where to be seen. He must follow the small clues back to Margo…



The characters in this book I think are portrayed very well. Everyone is different, unique and has their own personality. This is my favorite part about the book because it makes me feel like I can be whoever I want to be! My favorite character in this book is Lacey. Although she may be quite arrogant at times I really like the way she left her popular friends and joined Quentin’s group.


I thought the idea and concept of the book was very good but I did think it could have been a lot more interesting at the end of the book as it was a big lead up for not the most exciting ending. 


I really liked the way this book was written as it gripped me throughout! It was fun and quite an easy read. 


Overall it was a good book. It was definitely not as good as the fault in our stars but it had me gripped (like every other book I read!). I would recommend this to all teenagers who enjoy quite down to earth modern fiction. I am more of a dystopia now fantasy (thanks to Alise and her team from fan than modern fiction but I actually really like it! Taking everything into consideration I am giving this a rating of 3 and a half stars!


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Have you read Paper Towns? What were your thoughts?                                                                                                                                                                                       


Divergent Film-Review

In the UK on the 4th April Divergent came out and I saw it as soon as it came out. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn’t want them to ruin the way I imagined it in my head, and also I was scared if they had left any important scenes out. It was actually very very good! There was only one or two scenes that were left out but apart from that it was really really good (woo, party in my head!!).

divergent film for blog

I thought the way they portrayed the characters in the movie was actually kind of perfect! I said in my Divergent book review that my favorite character was Christina but in the film I didn’t particularly like her and also you didn’t see that much of her so my favorite character changed to Tobias. All of the characters were very well picked and their acting skills were just right for a film like this!
The plot was mainly the same as the book and it really reached my expectations!! There was only one or two missing scenes (Edward with the butter knife being one of them). I thought they really did an excellent job seeing as there is so much to fit into a 2 and a half hour film!

Overall I think it is an excellent film. As I said before they have done such a great job with it and I loved it. Even though there wasn’t much to cry about, because I am a bit too obsessed I was in floods of tears. I think just plainly because I was watching what I have been reading and loving for a year now on a screen was very over whelming!! I am going to give the film a 4 and a half rating because it was truly excellent.


The Factions:

The Factions were potrayed very well. In the beginning the Dauntless jumped off the train and I was just like…..yes….. At the cinema I was given a key ring and this apparently had my chosen faction on it. i was given a shiny key ring with ‘Erudite’ on it. I’m not complaining at this (i kind of am but) I would have rather had Dauntless!!! (but wouldn’t everyone haha!

Thanks so much for reading this post!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did talking about Divergent. Also sorry for not posting this on Friday because my laptop broke (Internet).

What were your thoughts on Divergent the film?



Allegiant by Veronica Roth-Review

Allegiant is the finale to this wonderful trilogy….and what a finale it is……


The factions have been destroyed, their leader has been destroyed and most of all their city has been destroyed! Tris is now in a world without anything accept from Tobias. After hearing the message from Edith Prior who is ‘outside the fence’, Tris is worried and also curious to know what is happening elsewhere in the world. When hearing about a group of people called the Allegiant, Tris and Tobias head over to one of their meetings and are instantly volunteered to go ‘Outside the fence’ (with a few other people). When they reach the city there are secrets and many discoveries all about to happen. Tris learns things she never imagined to be true….

Out of the three books I must say it was my least favorite. This wasn’t because of the unexpected ending but I found the middle part of the book quite boring and drawn out. Although you learn so much in this book about the history of their world and about the government, I would say that it was a little (tinsy bit) drawn out!!


I am sticking with Tobias with this one again! At the horrible end of the book (NO SPOILERS) Tobias actually was so strong and I was like ‘Thank you!!’ because I didn’t want a pathetic boyfriend (not to be harsh) but I like a strong manly boyfriend, haha. I am not forgetting in this book that Tris did also stay strong but I still love Tobias :).


I have already spoken about this a bit (above) but I do think other parts of the book (e.g. the ending) was very good and although it was sad it was well thought out.


Yay! The style of writing improves! WOOOO! So I have been kind of criticizing the book for the style of writing not being very challenging but I must say it does some what improve in this book :). I do also want to point out that this is the only book in the series that has a different character (Tris or Tobias) in each chapter. I really didn’t like this at all because I did find that I was thinking that Tris was thinking what Tobias was thinking and vise versa which was confusing (just writing it is confusing!!).

It still is a very good book although it wasn’t my favorite out of all of them, but I still loved it. The problem was I finished this and then decided to read the Fault in Our Stars (Well, that was clever Amelia!!). It was a blast to the end of the series even if it was a very unexpected ending I loved it because it was Divergent and amazing! Overall I would give it a 4 because it was……amazing but a few areas pulled it down a little but I have to give it this due to a fantastic book too. I’m sad the series is over for me but… I’ve still got all of the films to go yet (few).


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p.s This is Divergent week on my blog so please go and check out my two other reviews on Insurgent and Divergent! I will also be doing a film review tomorrow so look forward to that 🙂



Insurgent by Veronica Roth-Review

Yesterday I reviewed Divergent which is the first book in this trilogy. Today as on my blog this week the theme is ‘Divergent’ I am reviewing the second book in the series Insurgent…


Tris has struggled through initiation but now when her world is falling apart around her she must find a way to save the people she loves. Secrets, lies and discoveries lie ahead…Trying to forget what has happened in the past is hard and she must fight for her place in this world.

In Insurgent you discover many secrets and problems in Chicago and when I finished this book all I could think about was ‘What’s outside the fence?!’. I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in the series as I definitely felt that most of the characters ‘manned-up’ a bit and realised that life wasn’t just made of rainbows and ponies. 


My favorite character in this book changed from Christina (in the first book, Divergent) to Four/Tobias. In Insurgent Tobias is a great example of someone who ‘mans-up’ because he is daring and cunning. He also shows how much he loves Tris in this book as their love is tested to the limit!


WOW! I don’t want to give too much away but all I can say is I hate Jeanine Matthews! haha


I do think the style of writing does improve in this book but I like the way it is an easy read due to the great length of the book!

Overall WOW what an incredible book. I love this book so much because of the way there is so much going on. Veronica does it again making me stay on the sofa reading this book not letting me go until I finish it! My star rating for it is 4 because although it is an incredible book it isn’t my favorite book (Divergent) but I still loved it.

4 star rating

I am recommending this to everyone!! Again if you haven’t started the series please please please go and read it… won’t regret it, I promise!!!

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p.s This week is Divergent week so look forward to a few more posts ‘Divergent’ related…..

What were your thoughts on the ending (if you have read it)?

Divergent by Veronica Roth-Review

So I can finally talk about my favorite book of all time, DIVERGENT!! This is the start of a trilogy of books (which I will be reviewing in the next few days) and it is my personal favorite of all of them! ‘They call it….


The futuristic city of Chicago is divided into five different factions, Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave) and Erudite (the intelligent). At the age of sixteen you must choose which faction you wish to stay in or go to for the rest of your life. When it is time for sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior to chose her ‘rightful place’ in the world, she can’t decide if to choose her family or her own choice. As soon as she has finished her aptitude test, which can help her decide which faction to choose, she is shocked to know she has a secret which she must not tell anyone. When she has chosen her faction  she can trust nobody in this new world, but when she meets one of her instructors Four, she seems to trust him more than anyone else…..



My favorite character in this book is Christina who is Tris’s (Beatrice’s new name for her new faction) best friend throughout her initiation. I think she is a dark horse throughout the trilogy and is always a helpful and loyal friend to Tris. My least favorite character in this book has to be Peter. If you have read this book you will probably agree with me because he is very cruel throughout Tris’s initiation and at one point he even tries to kill her!!

Style of writing:

I wouldn’t say this is the best style of writing and although the book is long (487 pages) it isn’t very challenging.


This is my favorite part of the book as it is so action packed and exciting and because of this every second of it I was gripped!! Veronica defiantly did a great job!!

Overall I though this was a great book because of its amazing storyline. If you haven’t read this already I urge you to go and pick it up and just read it! You won’t put it down at all. I give it a star rating of 4.75 (not 5 because its writing lets it down a little). Sorry its cropped a little as I couldn’t find any pictures at the rating of 4.75.


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p.s This week I am posting all about Divergent where I will be reviewing the next two books in the series and finally on Friday the Divergent film.

What was your favorite character in the book?


Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli-Review

I had never heard of Jerry Spinelli before I had read this book but I actually really liked his style of writing. He has written a few other books but is mainly known for Stargirl.


After the summer break, a mysterious girl turns up at Leo’s high school called Stargirl. She strums the ukulele at lunch and sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to people when it’s their special day. People at the school think she is a ‘fake’ and a ‘set up’ but they soon discover she is not. She soon becomes popular and people start loving her for being unique and for being herself, but sometimes when you’re unique and stand out from everybody else you are not always admired…

Stargirl is quite a short book (192 pages) but is an enjoyable and fun read. I wouldn’t say this has any age limit because it is quite an easy read. I also love the bright pink cover of the book with the great Stargirl sign! It stands out on my bookshelf at home and also the one in the bookshop, drawing me towards the book. My star rating for this book is ….


I give it this because it is well written and a good read but is quite short and the chapters are one or two pages long which dosen’t urge me to read on that much. Other than that I really enjoyed reading it!

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Amelia xx

Have you read Stargirl? If so, did you enjoy it?



The Fault in Our Stars by the amazing John Green-Review

Previously I mentioned that John Green was one of my favorite authors (the other being Veronica Roth!!) so today I thought of posting a review of one of his most well-known and loved book…


Hazel Grace Lancaster was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirteen and because of this she stops going to school as she is too ill. Every week she attends her local Cancer Kid Support Group to meet other young people the same age as her. One week Hazel notices a new teenager at this support group called Augustus Waters. Although Hazel’s life has not been the best due to her cancer so far, Augustus seems to make it a whole lot better. ‘Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten’. John Green

All of my friends were ranting at me to read this book and seeing as the film is coming out soon I finally decided to read this book. From the first page in the book I was gripped and in less than 24 hours I finished this wonderful book. I wouldn’t usually do this with a book but it was one of those ‘don’t put me down’ kind of books! This book touched me a lot and made me think about how lucky I am to breathe without having to worry, or how walking up a flight of stairs is tiring. Of course at the end (NO SPOILERS) I was drowning in a flood of tears with various tissues surrounding me but I really highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!!

My star rating for this is…



This is quite high but my praise is endless for this book!! If you haven’t read this yet go to your local bookshop/library and read it because you won’t regret it….I promise!!

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Amelia xx

What were your thoughts on TFIOS??




An introduction to my blog…

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Welcome to Book Bonanza! I hope you enjoy scrolling through the many posts dedicated to my favorite books, various reviews and my recommendations to you. In this post I will be discussing a few of my favorite books and authors.

Two of my favorite authors are:

  • John Green
  • Veronica Roth

I love the way both authors write especially John Green. When I read the Fault in Our Stars I found myself crying on several occasions because of the way Green wrote it. Veronica Roth is one of those authors where you cannot possibly put the book down and at several points in Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant I found myself saying ‘just one more chapter!!’. Next to discuss my favorite book (which is actually a series). Well, there are thousands upon millions of books in the world but by far I love the Divergent series best as it was packed full of action which is what I loved most about it.

I’m sorry that this was quite a short post due to it only being an introduction to my blog but look forward to many more!!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

What is your favorite book?